Having already worked with us to create the trailer for her first book, Kyla approached us again to create a similar thing for her second book, Awakened.

Using a combination of animation and stock footage we pieced together a trailer that would convey the mood of the book and, hopefully, draw people into reading it.

The animation techniques used for this production were a little more advanced than those of the original Flashback trailer and the stock footage we were able to use of a slightly better quality, since we had spent some time building up our stock footage library. As with the other author videos we produced, this was delivered for YouTube, straight on to Kyla’s own channel. Even so, we kept the bit rate fairly high so that it would produce the best quality video for the format.


Project Details

  • Client:
    Kyla LoPresti
  • Format:
    Animation, Stock Footage
  • Duration:
  • Delivery:
  • Budget:

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