Living Headshot

James Bowman is an actor who had worked on our short film The Deacon Suite and had contacted me about using the footage for his portfolio. Short on content, James was after as much footage as possible to show the range he is capable of, as an actor and this was a great opportunity for us to expand the range of services we have for actors. The ‘Living headshot’ was born.

The concept was simple. Actors use headshots all the time, a single image of their face, usually in black and white, to give to casting directors along with their CV. What with digital video becoming ever more important, we came up with the idea of the ‘Living Headshot’, a simple film of an actor acting, against a white background. This would allow the actor to show their range without the distractions that often come with showreels full of short/student films.

We shot the monologue against a green screen with a Black Magic Cinema Camera from different points of view. In the editing suite, we cut the shots together, graded and then removed the green background, replacing it with white. This gave us a quick yet professional workflow to produce the final film and one that we could reproduce easily in the future.

The final video was outputted at the best quality for editing in to James’ showreel. We also uploaded it to our YouTube channel at full quality to show off just how good it looks.


Project Details

  • Client:
    James T. Bowman
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    Digital Video File
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