TEDx is the local, independently run arm of the Ted Talks. The Cheltenham TEDx event was being run by Adrian Malpass and he needed a company that could not only record the event but could stream it live on the day.

The first part of the problem was easy. Flaming Paper has multiple cameras that it has used to record events in the past. Using our main Panasonic HD camera as the ‘Hero’ camera, we placed that in position 1 (at the top of the auditorium) and two other cameras to the left and right of the stage. With this, we hoped to get the best footage of the events, which could be edited together in post at a later date.

The tricky bit was the live stream. Using dedicated hardware, we were able to run the feeds of the event in to our computer. From there, a special piece of software took all of the feeds, slides and inserts so we could switch between those and the live video during the event. These were all streamed to the internet, in real time, so people who were not at the event could also take part in it.

After the event, we took the massive amount of recorded data from the day and set about editing it. Using a multi-camera edit, we were able to put these together with suitable TEDx styled motion graphics and uploaded them to the officlal TEDx YouTube channel. You can see the full playlist by clicking the link below:

TEDxCheltenham Playlist


Project Details

  • Client:
    Adrian Malpass
  • Format:
    Multi-Camera HD, Streaming Video, Live Editing
  • Duration:
    18:00 Per Video
  • Delivery:
  • Budget:
    £1500 (donated)

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