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Engage and inspire your clients and customers by sharing your message with corporate videos

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The route of all advertising is being able to engage with your customers. This is where corporate video production companies like ourselves come in.

Our corporate video packages are produced to the highest standard, mixing cutting edge filming techniques with our experience in digital marketing. Coupled with this, the benefits of video for your business mean that more people will see your message, connect with your brand and purchase your product or service.


Tell Your Story

People do business with the people they meet, so it is vitally important that your corporate videos tell the story of you. Most offline advertising is focused on your product and on the benefits it can bring to your customers. Video is a much more emotive medium and its power lies in connecting your audience with your story.

Whatever it is that drives you in your business is what should go in your video. Showing passion about your products and services will transfer that passion to your viewers. It’s a very powerful marketing technique that can only be accomplished in the medium of video.


Narrative Video

This is a term often used in cinema to mean a drama or fictionalised film. It’s also very powerful in advertising. Remember the Gold Blend couple? They took both the public and media by storm because their story was something that people connected with and wanted to find out more about. The product was almost a side note in the adverts but the story of these two people was so compelling that it rocketed Gold Blend in to the consciousness of the nation. Your video can do that too.

Sometimes your video may not need to include a personal story and it can be just as effective to show a fictionalised version of how people are reacting to your products. This technique has been used successfully in both traditional television advertising, cinema advertising and in the creation of viral videos.


Different Mediums

Your audience for any video will change depending on where the video is shown. Something produced for the web may not be suitable for a television spot, for example. Companies who work with us can rest assured that the method of delivery is as important to us as the message you are trying to convey. We can produce video for television broadcast, cinema advertising or the web, with the constraints of those venues in mind. This is an incredibly important aspect to your marketing that can be so easily missed.


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