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Whether it is a special occasion or important event, Flaming Paper can cover it.

Videos of shows and events are all too common online and people love to be reminded of great days they have had. This is where our event packages come to hand.

Talking Points

Have you a special talk that is relevant to your industry? Do you give speeches on different subjects but would like to branch out a little. Filming your talk is a great way to decimate your content online. Need a giveaway offer for your subscribers or a cheap tripwire to get more people interested in what you do? This could be the perfect thing for you. Videos can be produced in many formats and mastered for either DVD or Blu-Ray, depending on what you want to do with the finished video.


Galas & Parties

Do you arrange an annual awards ceremony for your industry or hold parties with guest speakers? What better way to memorialise the event that having it filmed professionally. This is especially useful if you book speakers for regular lectures and can sell on their talks as it can bring in a little revenue from the sale of the video to members, or server to others to promote the events you manage.


Shows, Conventions & Festivals

Whether you are running a festival, a convention or trade show, a video of your event is sure to help increase your visibility once the event is over. Such videos are also useful in the run up to repeat events as well, serving as promotional material in order to help get people through the door.


Feature Your Fans

There is nothing better than to have a video full of happy visitors to your event telling people how much fun they’ve had there. You’ve heard of social proof? That’s why you need testimonials. A video of someone who has been to your event is a brilliant testimonial about the type of event you’re running.


Stage Shows

Have a band you want to promote or a stage show you would like immortalised? With multiple cameras available, Flaming Paper can produce a quality video of your production which will help with either your promotion, to sell to fans or as a keepsake for those involved.


Make your event last forever!

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