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From smart logo stings to complex tracked animation, motion graphics will take your production to the next level.

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It’s no longer good enough to just display your logo at the start of your video. It looks dated. In fact, it looks like it was created in the 1980s. So many companies do this, however, because they don’t understand how people are engaging with YouTube. We are currently in a generation that is used to seeing text hovering over an image and these graphics can bring a lot to a production.

We at Flaming Paper have a lot of experience in the sort of graphic design that sells and it’s this that we bring to the table when creating motion graphics for our customers. One of the things we think is most important, is the "logo sting” and we advise all of our clients to consider this when creating a project.

Further to that, we have experience in tracking graphics to elements on the screen. Have you seen the film Chef? In that, the tweets that the characters send are shown on screen and move with the actors. The technology to do this is not difficult and similar effects can be used to enhance your production.



What is a ‘Sting’?

You may have watched a film recently and notice that before it starts there are a lot of short clips revealing the production companies that have made the film. These are logo stings and they are all over videos on the internet. This is why videos without them can look pretty dated, there are so many of them around that they have become expected. We recommend a simple logo reveal for every video you do. Some people like to have a new one for each video but we think that is a bit of overkill, so this is an expense you’ll only have for the first video.


What’s the cost?

Motion graphics can be timely to produce and can cost a lot of money. There’s no two ways about it, if you’re creating something from scratch at the quality we do, it’s going to take time. That said, animated graphics increase the engagement of any video and are usually a great way of getting more complex information across. Are they right for every production? No, but when they are they can’t be beaten.


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