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There is nothing better to promote your band or song than a video.

We’ve come a long way since MTV was founded in 1981. Now, every band and their dog has a video out there, promoting their music. On YouTube, this ranges from singers and songwriters sat in front of a microphone to lavish productions from the biggest stars.

Virally Found

At Flaming Paper, we understand the process of making viral content. We know that sharing the video in the right places will be vital to any online success so, whilst working with you, we strive to create something that people will want to share around. That’s the difference between success and failure online.


Your Spec or Ours

The process of making video for music isn’t a simple one. Usually, a band will ask different filmmakers what they would do with their productions and then they go with the ones they prefer. This does leave a lot of the creativity in the hands of the filmmaker. At Flaming Paper we are happy to work like this but also realise that you may have your own ideas for a video that you would like to see produced.


Between Artists

As well as being filmmakers, everyone involved in the creative process at Flaming Paper are also musicians. Joe is also the front-man of local band Welcome Back Delta and Steve, for many years, has run open mic nights in Cheltenham and performed at various local events. We understand music video because we understand what it’s like being a musician.


Specialist Creative Team

Flaming Paper is in a unique position to deliver creative visual content for your music production. Not only experts in the production process but also able to understand distribution and marketing of the final video.


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