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Are your PowerPoint presentations getting a little dated. Use the power of video to enhance your company talks.

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There’s a reason everyone uses PowerPoint in business. It’s easy. We don’t use it at all and yet we can still get the same results by creating engaging videos that convey all of the messages of your talk in a fun and informative way.

The intrinsic problem with PowerPoint or Keynote is that with a few clicks, most people can create the same sort of presentation. This is great for people who need something smart quickly, but when you’re trying to win that elusive contract, nothing says quality like a video produced specially for that client.


Using a combination of your pitch, stock photography, stock video, filmed inserts and motion graphics, you can really stand out from the crowed. Sure, you can have a presentation where a logo appears on screen, but consider how much better it would be if it animated on to screen, revealing its self in a stylish manor before fading in to your corporate colours. How much more of an impact would animated graphics be if they could be placed along side video of your customers saying how great your company is, or actually showing your production process as it happens?


It needn’t stop there. Everybody likes something to take away from an event or meeting. Using our authoring services you would be able to give copies of your final video to the important people at the company, mastered on to DVD or Blu-Ray discs that contain your companies information.

Everything we do is geared to making sure your presentation stands out from the crowed.


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