What You Get

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You might be curious to know what you would get from working with Flaming Paper.
Here is a quick breakdown for you.

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Latest Technologies

All of our corporate videos are produced using the latest and most relevant technologies to you. We do this so you aren't paying over the odds for our production through the hire of expensive equipment which won't get used to its fullest extent.

The equipment we use is often lightweight and suitable for all sorts of filming, but it is also very powerful and can produce video to a broadcast standard. For those wanting to future proof their productions, we are now offering UltraHD (4K) videos. We ask that you consult with us before making a decision to use this as it does come at a premium and is often not needed for the target environment.


Practiced Production Team

Your shoot will be lead by either Stephen or Joe. Both have worked very closely together in the past and the planning that goes into production ensures both the quality of the shots and the coverage needed, no matter who is behind the camera.

For more complex shoots, other professionals may be needed. We choose these people from a pool of local, professional talent who have a proven track record of producing quality video.


Perfect Post Production

We maintain the highest standards of production throughout the edit. Not only will your film be edited to your specifications (as laid out in the initial planning) but any production graphics will be rendered out in full quality so as to look crisp and professional.

The latest cameras bring a new element into the production process, grading. All of our productions are graded carefully in order to keep colours consistent and bring the perfect look to your video.


Online and Offline Delivery

The bulk of our work tends to be for the online market. We will upload your video for you, to a platform that is suitable for streaming your production. Usually, this is YouTube, the second largest search engine on the web. We optimise your video, as best we can, so that it will be found for the relevant results.

A copy of the finished files will also be provided to you on DVD or Blu-Ray (whichever is more suitable) and full DVD production and mastering can be negotiated as part of your package.